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Some Circles out to Scuttle Reform Process: MOF

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The Ministry of Finance (MOF) says it has set in motion the process to fill around 336 vacancies transparently.

The ministry claimed it was doing all it could to ensure that the best candidates were recruited to the vacant positions based on merit.

In a statement, MoF said its recruitment policy sought to bring reforms to the ministry, which had an agreement with the Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission (IARCSC) to shift gradually vacant positions to open competition.

In the first phase, the ministry announced 5th and 6th-grade vacancies and about 13,000 candidates applied for these posts. Of them, 8,500 eligible candidates were shortlisted.

As a result, 204 successful aspirants were introduced to the relevant departments of the ministry.

In the second phase, 30 senior positions were announced by the ministry. Nine director-level and 2nd grade posts were announced for the first time.

Another 77 third and 4th-grade vacancies were also announced by MoF, which said the shortlisting process for these positions was ongoing.

An entry test for the posts will be conducted soon. MoF reaffirmed its commitment to announcing and filling the vacancies based on open merit.

The recruitment process is based on civil service commission procedures, according to the statement, which asked candidates to get further information about the vacancies by visiting the official website of MoF,

The Human Resource Management “HRM” also promised to prioritize merit-based recruitment.

HRM vowed to continue resisting all internal and external elements that were intent on sabotaging the process. No one will be allowed to interfere with the recruitment effort.

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