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Herat Fig Production has increased compared to previous year

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Herat agriculture department officials said Sunday that this year fig production in Zinda Jan district has increased compared to previous years.
According to officials, more than 8,000 tons of figs will be harvested in the province this year.
But gardeners in the district say they are not optimistic about an increase in revenue because of the lack of a market for their products.
The gardeners say they must sell their figs at low prices in the markets.
“This year some trees were frozen and some not, but my trees were not frozen. We are also facing some problems with the lack of storage and lack of market opportunities–the government has to help us,” said Abdul Satar, a fig grower in Zanda Jan district.
A number of fig growers in the Zinda Jan district of Herat say some of their crops have spoiled due to the lack of storage and no immediate buyers.
“Gardeners are desperate because we the gardeners don’t have enough facilities for our products and those who have the facilities, they gain the most revenue,” said Abdul Rahman, another gardener in the district.
“If we had a standard packaging system our products would sell in good price and both the gardeners and people would benefit from the products,” said Noor Ahmad, farmer.
Herat’s agriculture department admits that despite the increase in fig yields, the lack of a market this year is one of the challenges facing Herat fig growers.
“The air corridor that was supposed to be opened from Herat has not been opened yet and we ask the relevant institutions to take action in this area because Herat’s fruits–especially grapes and figs–can have good markets,” said Abdul Saboor Rahmani, the provincial director of agriculture.
Zinda Jan district has the most fig orchards in Herat province.

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