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Biden’s Victory: Experts See No Major Change in US-Afghan Policy

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Political affairs experts believe there would be no major change in US policy towards Afghanistan as President-Elect Joe Biden is against US forces withdrawal from Afghanistan until a political settlement between Afghan sides.

According to experts, the new US president would reduce US presence cost in Afghanistan with greater influence in the region.

They said US President-Elect Joe Biden may change people who spearhead the US peace mission in Afghanistan.

Mohammad Javid Shekaib, lecturer of International Relations in Khost’s Shaikh Zahid University, said Joe Biden’s victory in the US presidential election may not bring any change in US policy of talks with Taliban.

“This process will go ahead because US foreign policy is not President Trump’s personal choice. The US inked Doha agreement with the Taliban and I think President-Elect Joe Biden will continue this because it was the US think tanks policy and that cannot be rejected easily,” he said.

In Afghanistan and China, there would be no major shift in US policy because for Biden the most important thing was US prosperity and stability.

He said recently Biden agreed with Trump’s views on Afghanistan that the US should only focus on terrorism and Daesh in Afghanistan and should not be involved in the nation building process.

“The US will continue to support Afghanistan until it withdraws its forces because the existing system in Afghanistan would collapse it the US did not do so and the US will not make this mistake,” he believed.

Mushtaq Rahim, an international affairs expert also said that the US’s foreign policy was made by professional and technical institutes and a president rule the affairs in coordination with the policy organs.

“No major changes will come to the US policy regarding Afghanistan, it will take time for him when discussing changes in the policy with relevant organs, the US wants to reduce their expenses on war and have influence in the region, peace negotiators may also change,” he said.

He said that the US never emphasized nation-building but state-building in Afghanistan and it has also invested for that reason. The US aid to Afghanistan reduced after 2010 since the Afghan government failed to use it properly, he added.

“Biden said that his priority is the reconstruction of the US economy, so their focus will be on how to reduce combat expenses, but it is not a new thing, we had to be prepared in advance,” Rahim added.

He said that Trump tried to ensure a peace agreement in Afghanistan before the US election, but failed. The US-Taliban agreement and support to the Afghan government in the meantime indicate that Biden will support military presence in Afghanistan until conflict parties reach an agreement, he added.

The military presence of the US in Afghanistan is a threat to regional countries’ intelligence and it can also send a message to other states, but no one knows exactly about their withdrawal, because the US forces should leave Afghanistan based on the Doha agreement, but at the same time, intelligence presence of the US is another issue, he said.

“Considering the current situation in the world, the international community’s assistance to Afghanistan has reduced and it may further decline due to the Covid19 outbreak, but the government, in general, should be prepared for that and not always rely on foreign aids,” Rahim said.

He said, “Biden probably agreed with Trump’s new idea of no longer working for democracy in Afghanistan, but would continue assistance to the country just for securing US’s interests there.”

He added that Afghan politicians believed Afghanistan will again experience the crisis of 1990 if the international community stopped providing financial assistance to the country, but no one wanted to go again to that era.

Another political analyst, Fariduddin Anwari, said that no matter who the president of the US will be, but he or she must work for the interests of that country.

“Political decisions of the US are not made by presidents, but by other Americans behind the scene, and American interests are their priority,” he said.

He said that Ashraf Ghani had closer relations with Biden who may listen more to Ghani’s words compared to Trump.

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