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Pakistani Authorities Seize 74 Smuggled Falcons

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Pakistani authorities seized 74 smuggled falcons belonging to “endangered species” in raids at a posh residential area in the southern port city of Karachi, a customs official said on Saturday (October 17). 

At a press conference, the customs collector Mohammad Saqif said the birds were smuggled from Afghanistan and were destined to be transferred to Arab countries. 

He said the anti-smuggling organization of Pakistan’s customs successfully conducted two search operations in the Defence Housing Authority area during the night of October 15, which resulted in the recovery of a large number of exotic birds. 

The estimated value of the 74 falcons is 200 million rupees ($1.2 million), Saqif added. 

The birds belong to endangered species under the International Convention on Illegal Trade on Endangered Species (CITES), said a press release from Pakistani customs. 

Customs officials plan to release the birds in their natural habitats after completion of due legal formalities.

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