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2 Sentenced to Death for Kabul University Attack

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An appellate court in Parwan on Wednesday announced its verdict on six suspects accused of plotting the November 2020 attack on Kabul University.

The Attorney General’s Office says two of the suspects were sentenced to death, two were given 12 years in prison, one was sentenced to 2 years in prison and another was acquitted. 

Adil, also known as Arash, and Talha were sentenced to death for being members of Daesh, five kidnapping cases, plotting an attack on Kabul University, and plotting terror attacks against three government officials, read a statement by the Attorney General’s Office.  

Meanwhile, Obaidullah, also known as Hamad, was sentenced to death for Daesh membership, terrorism, and assisting in terrorism. 

Another suspect, Abdul Kabar, was sentenced to 12 years in prison. 

The statement reads that a fifth suspect was sentenced to two years in prison for the transfer of illegal weapons. 

The sixth suspect, Mubin, was acquitted for lack of evidence to support the accusations, the statement said.  

According to the statement, all six suspects, along with being accused of involvement in the Kabul University attack, were accused of terrorist crimes, kidnapping, Daesh membership, the killing of government employees, national treason, forgery, and the transfer of illegal weapons. 

The statement said that the perpetrators of the university attack were fined 3 million Afs to compensate for damages inflicted on the university compound. 

The attack happened on November 2, 2020, leaving 22 people dead and at least 40 others wounded, most of whom were young students.

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