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Bodies of 3 ANA soldiers who were captured, Tormented, and Executed found

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The dead bodies of three members of the Afghan National Army (ANA) have been found in Khak-e-Jabar district of Kabul province, the family members confirmed on Thursday.

The family members of the dead soldiers said that the three were taken hostage by the Taliban and were “brutally tortured” by the group before being shot.

Sherullah was one of the ANA soldiers who was killed alongside his two colleagues.

“We heard they were taken hostage, the Taliban had captured them during an ambush,” said Saifullah, the brother of the fallen soldier Sherullah.

Sherullah has left four children behind.

“When we see this government—the government uses them when they (soldiers) are alive, when the soldiers are killed, then the government is not taking care of (their families)—but these soldiers have families and orphans,” said Mohammad Asif, a relative of Sherullah.

“Peace will not come when you see the actions of the Taliban, because the Taliban do not have mercy on the poor, not even on women,” said Manan, a relative of Sherullah.

Sherullah’s colleagues were named Arif and Baseer.

“They were taken hostage on the way and were brutally killed, they had 60 bullets in their bodies,” said Sayed Asghar, the uncle of Arif.

“No one pays any mind to a son of the poor,” said Mohammad Yousuf, Arif’s father.

The Taliban have so far not made an official comment about the claims.

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