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Deadly 4 IED Attacks Hit Kabul City

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At least four Explosions have occurred in Kabul city on Saturday morning, in less than three hours the city was rattled by IED explosions, such explosion in some weeks have become a daily routine of public’s fear.

According to Police, two security force members were killed and six other people were wounded in the blast.

The initial explosion happened at around 7:02 a.m on Saturday, near the Chaman-e-Hozoori area in PD8 of Kabul city.

This incident has left no casualties behind; the blast was due to a magnetic IED.

The second explosion happened in the west of Kabul at around 7:05 am, a magnetic IED targeted a senior official from the VIP protection unit, police told media, two security force members were reported injured.

The third and fourth explosions happened in Deh Sabz and Dehbori Areas of Kabul city, in the east area a police vehicle was targeted by a roadside bomb in which three policemen were injured.

And the blast in the west area of Kabul, Deh Bori, at around 9:05 am a police vehicle was targeted in which Two security personnel were killed and a civilian was reported wounded.

In a recent report, the Ministry of Public health announces that four individuals were killed and four others are wounded.

Back to back target killings and IED blasts created fear among the public, as peace efforts are ongoing for a prosperous future of the country.

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