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Freshta Kohistani, an Afghan Women’s Rights Activist Killed in Kapisa

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Afghan women’s rights activist Freshta Kohistani was assassinated along with her brother by unknown gunmen in Dahno village of Hes-e-Awal in Kohistan district of Kapisa province, a security source told on Thursday.

The assassination comes a day after unknown gunmen killed Yousuf Rasheed, CEO of the Free and Fair Election Forum of Afghanistan (FEFA) in Kabul along with his driver in the early morning.

The Afghan Ministry of Interior in a statement confirmed the killing of Freshta Kohistani.
“At around 5:00 pm today, unknown gunmen riding on a motorcycle martyred Freshta Kohistani in Hes-e-Awal area of Kohistan district of Kapisa, her brother was wounded in the attack, the intelligence units have launched an investigation into the attack,” said the MoI in a statement.
But police in Kapisa said that Kohistani’s brother was also killed in the attack.

On Monday night, Rahmatullah Nikzad, a freelance reporter and head of a media safety union in Ghazni, was killed in an attack by unknown armed men in the province.

The attack happened near his home, according to local officials.

Amnesty International South Asia in a tweet said that the assassination of Nikzad “is a horrific crime. “This is the fifth journalist killed in the last two months,” Amnesty Intl said.

Nikzad was the fifth journalist killed in the country in less than two months. Former TOLOnews presenter Yama Siawash, Radio Azadi reporter Elyas Daee, Enekaas TV’s presenter in Nangarhar Malala Maiwand, and Ariana News presenter Fardin Amini were all killed in separate incidents since November 7.

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