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India, Afghanistan signed a pact on ‘Shahtoot Dam’

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Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi and President Ashraf Ghani agreed on the construction of a dam project in a virtual summit talk.

The Shahtoot dam project establishment was signed by Mohammad Hanif Atmar, Afghan Foreign minister, and Subrahmanyam Jasishankar, Indian Minister of Foreign Affairs.

President Ghani on his part thanked the Indian government for 500,000 doses of the vaccine he added, “At this critical time, there could not be a greater gift”.

India being a true partnership in Afghanistan’s development plans and assistance is marked on our landscape, President Ghani added. 

Meanwhile, PM Modi expressed his Nation’s concern over the increasing level of violence and targeted killings of journalists, and innocent people and call for an “immediate stop” to such actions, he also said that India supports Afghan-owned and led peace negotiations.

Prime Minister, Narendra Modi indicated that both “India and Afghanistan want to see the region free of terrorism”.

Shahtoot dam will help provide 2 million people in Kabul with clean water and it will be the second dam constructed by India in Afghanistan, reports indicated, that the cost of this project is estimated to be $236 million. 

The project is expected to be completed within three years and will facilitate the irrigation of 4,000 hectares of land in the Charasiab and Khairabad districts.

The dam will hold 146 million cubic meters of portable water.

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