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‘Interim Government’ not Discussed During Negotiations: Republic’s Team

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In a virtual press conference in Doha, Qatar, Afghan Republic’s Negotiating team denied the Taliban claims of discussions on an interim government. Rasul Talib, a government peace negotiating member, indicated that the Taliban has not yet called discussions based on the type of government.

“No discussions have been held about an interim government,” said Talib.

“The agenda shared with the republic’s team does not include anything to do with an interim government,” negotiator Rasul Talib said at a press conference held online. “So far, the Taliban has not raised this topic.” 

“No source or country has raised the issue of an interim government”, Talib added “The Taliban negotiators might raise some issues not at the negotiating table, same as some were raised in Moscow, but we believe that has a propaganda aspect”, media sources indicated.

Talib also added that Abbas Stankizai is delivering “propaganda speeches” from Moscow in a bid to divert people’s attention from the main talks.

“The agenda that the Taliban has raised, there is no issue of releasing prisoners,” Talib said.

“The Doha deal [between the US and the Taliban] has given the Taliban more leverage but statements by officials from the new US administration regarding the revision of this agreement are promising,” ATN quoted Talib.

“The remarks by the Taliban who went to a country and made a statement from their podium are not acceptable to the people of Afghanistan. The president has been elected through elections,” Tolonews quoted Sharifa Zurmati, a member of the Afghan republic’s negotiating team.

The team expressed hope that the Taliban will return to the negotiating tables and the only way to put an end to this war is through negotiations.

Earlier, talking to Aspen Institute President Ashraf Ghani said, “We must agree on the date of the election so that we have the full legal transfer of authority. We have had interim governments. They’ve led to bloodshed. People of Kabul: Kabul was destroyed in 1992 by an interim government. A prime minister was bombarding his president and the president had to fight back against the prime minister. The prime minister, Mr. Hekmatyar, never came to Kabul”. This comes as negotiations had stalled between both sides, and without the permission of the High Council for National Reconciliation, the team will not be able to return to Afghanistan.

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