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Iran Summons Afghan Ambassador in Tehran

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Afghanistan’s ambassador in Tehran, Ghafoor Lewal, was summoned by the Iranian foreign ministry over the widespread protests in Afghanistan against the death of Afghan migrants in Yazd province in Iran in early June, and a border incident that left many Afghans dead in the beginning of May.

In their meeting with the Afghan envoy, Iranian officials expressed their concerns over such a public response, saying that the situation will impact Kabul-Tehran ties, according to a statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran.

On June 5, three Afghan migrants were killed in Yazd province, Iran, after their vehicle was shot by Iranian police, according to Afghan officials. Four others were wounded in the incident.

In another incident earlier in May, a group of over 50 Afghan nationals who were trying to cross the border to Iran were “forced to cross a river” by Iranian border forces as a result of which almost 18 of them were drowned, according to Afghan officials. 

The two incidents sparked widespread reactions from Afghans and international rights organizations who called for a thorough investigation into the incident and justice to the victims. But an investigation by a 10-member of the Afghan government ended with no results.

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