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Kam Air Defies ACAA Warning on Flight Restriction

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Privately-owned airline Kam Air opposes the decision by Afghanistan Civil Aviation Authority (ACAA) on international flight restriction, according to sources, which allows only the national carrier Ariana Afghan Airline to fly India.

In a written notification Saturday, the ACAA has warned Kam Air it will face legal action if the airline company does not halt its flights on the route, granting rights to the state-run airline for full operation.

According to the ACAA, India, and Afghanistan had agreed only the government-run aviation companies are allowed to conduct flights between Kabul and New Delhi during the COVID-19 lockdown.

But Kam Air has described the move as illegal, saying such a decision will have significant economic implications for the country.

“The claim that only government aviation companies were allowed to conduct flights has no credibility, this goes against the principles that were set by the Indian government,” said Sulaiman Omar, the head of the business department of Kam Air, as TOLOnews quoted.

Since the beginning of the outbreak, the Indian government has limited inbound and outbound flights during the lockdown.

“If we were not allowed to conduct flights, then why does the country [India] which implemented these principles allow us to carry out the flights?” Omar questioned.

On Monday, the Ministry of Finance said it will procure at least Afs5 billion ($64.9 million) of unpaid taxes from private companies and government-owned enterprises within the next few days, where Kam Air is on the list to provide its tax.

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