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MPs Begin Holidays As Rifts Over House Speaker Remain Unsolved

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Although the disagreements over the election of the parliament speaker have remained unsolved, the MPs on Tuesday after a discussion announced that the house will be closed until the end of the Eid al-Fitr holidays. 

Nearly two weeks ago, the new MPs voted for electing the new speaker of the parliament and the administrative board, but the process turned controversial after rifts between the two sides.

The leading nominee Mir Rahman Rahmani was announced as speaker of the house by the former interim speaker after the poll, but the decision was not accepted by his rival Kamal Nasir Usuli who claimed the election was full of fraud. 

On Tuesday, the MPs held a meeting behind closed doors, but after the meeting, some of the MPs said the problem remained unsolved and the MPs will not attend the house until after the Eid holidays. 

The MPs said the ongoing disagreements, absence of a number of MPs and travel of a number of other MPs to Saudi Arabia for pilgrimage are the reasons the house will be closed for nearly two weeks. 

“A limited number of MPs who are making problems due to their personal interests, I hope they use the opportunity and resolve their issues. I am sure that when the house reopens, the problem will be resolved,” said Mir Haidar Afzali, an MP. 

“Today, the MPs with the majority of votes decided to go on vacation until the Eid ends,” said Abdul Khaliq, an MP. 

Other MPs, however, said they are against the decision.

“The house’s official working time has been specified by the Constitution and no one has the authority to call it off. The MPs will come tomorrow, and I urge the members not to kill time anymore,” said Mirwais Yasini, an lawmaker. 

“Based on the internal principles of the house and the laws, we should come and do our job and hold a voting for electing the speaker,” said Gul Rahman Hamdard, a lawmaker.

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