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Republic’s Delegation Left for Moscow Summit

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A high-ranking delegation from Kabul led by the Chairman of the High Council for National Reconciliation Abdullah Abdullah left for Moscow on Wednesday morning.

The delegation will attend the Moscow peace summit organized by the US, Russia, and China for the sake of the Afghan peace process.

The Head of HCNR told the media that the conference will be based on ways to accelerate the intra-Afghan talks, reduce violence and put an end to the conflict in the country.

The meeting will also focus on ways and procedures to promote development in an independent, peace and self-sufficient Afghanistan.

The method of freeing the country from terrorism and drug-related crimes will also be discussed during the summit, Abdullah Abdullah said.

According to Abdullah Afghanistan appreciates the pivotal role of its neighbors in establishing prolonged peace in the country.

The delegation led by the head of the High Council for Reconciliation, Abdullah Abdullah, has recently arrived in Uzbekistan before leaving for Moscow to meet with the country’s foreign minister.

It is said that Marshal Dostum will also accompany this delegation from Tashkent.

The most summit will further facilitate and boost talks in the upcoming UN-led turkey meeting in Istanbul

“We strongly believe that the Moscow conference will boost the Doha peace talks, and the upcoming Turkey conference on Afghanistan,” the Head of HCNR indicated.

This comes as 10-members of the Taliban have also left for Moscow, the delegation is led by Mullah baradari, the group’s deputy leader.

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