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The Second Taliban Attack on Panjshir was Repulsed

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Mansour Anabi, the spokesman for the Panjshir governor, said on Tuesday, 22 September that a group of six Taliban fighters attacked a police checkpoint in the village of Darband in the Anaba district of the Panjshir province this morning.

According to Mr. Anabi, the Taliban fighters used light and heavy weapons in the attack but met with a serious reaction from the people, and at the end of the clash, three Taliban attackers were arrested and three other attackers escaped.  A resident was also injured in the attack.

The Taliban have attacked Panjshir through Kapisa province.

This is the second Taliban attack in Panjshir province in the last two weeks.

The Taliban had attacked the Abshar district of the province on 8 September.

Panjshir is one of the safest provinces in the country.

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