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Trucks ‘Looted’ During Port’s Firestorm: Herat

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Governor of Herat Wahid Qatali said Monday, that 70 trucks loaded with commercial goods and products were looted during the devastating fire that broke out in Islam Qala port.

Qatali indicated that Afghan commandos found 8 empty trucks in areas around the custom facility, and he added that 2,400 vehicles were saved from the blaze of fire heat, and of these vehicles, 1,500 were driven across the border to Iran for safekeeping.

Herat’s governor said the fire broke at a time when a leaking gas tanker blasted spreading fire everywhere.

Media outlets reported that traders have told them that more than 500 vehicles full of products and fuel were destroyed in the firestorm and have resulted in more than a hundred million dollars in losses.

The massive blaze of fires burned everything on its way for over 24 hours, following the gas tanker’s explosion on Saturday, and subsequently, vehicles loaded with commercial products and combustible material started exploding, turning the blasts and flames to further extreme chaos.

Eventually, by the request of the officials in Herat, Iranian firefighters joined the fight to tackle the blazes of heat burning through facilities.

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