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UK Commitment £70m in Aid for Afghan Forces

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The United Kingdom (UK), reaffirming its ongoing support for Afghan National Defence and Security Forces, has pledged £70m for 2021 to strengthen their work.

The aid was pledged at the ANATF Plenary Meeting in Brussels on Monday, a statement from the British embassy in Kabul said.

It said Afghanistan is currently experiencing appalling levels of violence, despite the long-awaited peace talks beginning in Doha.

“We strongly condemn the high levels of Taliban violence, in particular, the offensive in Helmand which has forced thousands of innocent civilians to flee their homes.”

The statement urged all sides to work for a ceasefire. “This UK funding – along with other donors – will provide financial, technical, and expert assistance to the Afghan security forces, strengthening their vital work to set Afghanistan on a path to lasting peace and stability.”

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