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‘Unregistered SIM Cards’ Facilitates Various Crimes, Terrorist Activities

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Telecom Regulatory Authority of Afghanistan has announced that telecommunication companies have been fined for selling unregistered SIM cards, and 70% of these SIM cards were blocked.

In an interview with the BBC Persian, Noor Saeed Shinwari, a spokesman for the ATRA office said that all telecommunications companies in the country were warned, that all the active and existing SIM cards must be registered by the end of 1400 (Solar Hijri Calendar).

According to Shinwari, the government took this step to ensure security, because many terrorist activities, blasts, and various other crimes are being carried out using unregistered mobile SIM cards.

Out of 34 million SIM cards sold in the market, 22 million of them are active.

Previously, Kabul police warned all of the involved bodies in telecommunications, not to sell unregistered SIM cards, as MoI recognizes many of the organized crimes carried by unregistered cellphone numbers.

Afghan First Vice President, Amrullah Saleh indicated that security agencies in the country have gathered thousands of unregistered SIM cards.

Unregistered wireless telecommunication services in the country had facilitated the insurgency or terrorist attacks, IED blasts, different criminal activities, and supported many organized crimes.

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