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VP Amrullah Saleh Survived an Explosion in Kabul

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First Vice President Amrullah Saleh’s convoy was targeted early Wednesday morning in the Taimani area of PD 4 in Kabul city, Saleh’s office confirmed.

Tariq Arian, Interior Ministry spokesman, confirmed 10 were killed and 16 were wounded in the Kabul blast targeting the convoy of First VP Amrullah Saleh.

According to Saleh’s office, the target was Saleh’s convoy, but Saleh survived the attack although some of his staff and bodyguards were wounded.

Three in Saleh’s convoy, including bodyguards, were wounded in the blast, said Rezwan Murad, head of public relations for the vice president’s office. Saleh was not hurt in the blast, he said.

Ebad Saleh, VP Saleh’s son, tweeted that he was with his father when the blast hit their convoy and said: “I assure you he’s fine and everybody is fine, no martyrs from us just yet.”

Saleh in a video message confirmed that his convoy was attacked, that his security guards were injured, and that he has minor wounds on his hand and face.

Saleh apologized for the harm done to bystanders in today’s attack on his convoy.

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