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Ghani to Taliban: Kamal Khan Dam is Not for Me but Your ‘Children’

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President Ashraf Ghani on Wednesday during the Inauguration ceremony of Kamal Khan Dam said the paper, plans, and rumors are coming but Afghanistan will always remain independent, referring to the US peace plan for Afghanistan and he reiterated his rejection of an interim government.

President Ghani stressed on saying that the Taliban deprived Afghanistan and afghans of having dozens of Kamal Khan dams.

He indicated that every extremist who is fighting and destroying his or her nation should think about the “Kamal Khan Dam” for a few minutes.

Nimroz province will no longer be considered a deprived region, President Ghani added and called on the Taliban that he has not built this dam for himself but their children.

Iran will be provided with water but per the water treaty between the two nations and no more than what is agreed upon and if the country wants more water, they should pay something instead, President Ghani indicated.

According to the President, Afghanistan is looking forward to ways to produce wind and solar-generated electricity, and that foreign companies are currently assisting the nation in this regard.

Kamal Khan dam will be one water channel used for irrigation purposes will also be completed this year and similar projects will be established in the country.

Afghanistan currently has control of its waters in Nimroz province.

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