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Renowned Singer ‘Afsana Nawabi’ Passed Away

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Among the first female singers to perform in National Radio Television in Afghanistan was Afsana Nawabi.

She passed away in Germany on Sunday as her relatives confirmed to the media.

Nawabi was born in Kabul in 1951 and she graduated from Rabia Balkhi High School in central Afghanistan.

Afsana Nawabi was one of the pioneers in the field of music in Afghanistan and has recorded hundreds of songs which are available in the archives of National Radio Television of the country.

She had begun her singing career at the age of 14, she started her artistic career at school by singing songs for Mother’s Day and Teacher’s Day, and entered the world of music as an amateur.

She is famous for her songs “Desmal Medozam”, “Chora Pesham Name Ayi”, “Man Mast-e-Bahar Husnat”.

Her songs were remade and sang by different local and international singers including Iranian artists.

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