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Afghanistan Faces ‘Restricted Conditions’ on Aids by Int’l Donors

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The international community imposes tougher conditions on financial aid it provides to Afghanistan through 2024, said the Ministry of Finance on Sunday, following a widespread criticism against high-profile government officials accused of money laundering and corruption.   

The country is expected to provide annual report, based on which donors will push through their financial aids to Afghanistan.

“Without any doubt, this time, the aid by the international community to Afghanistan will be given with more restricted conditions, but we are confident to work in a good way as part our mutual accountability with the world,” said Shamroz Khan Masjidi, a spokesman for the Ministry of Finance, as TOLOnews quoted.

Meanwhile, Nazir Kabiri, the Chief Executive of Biruni Institute, said Afghan government will need to brief the international community about programs that it had undertaken in the past years, including the years to come, in order to maintain aids from donors.

“This time the donors will conduct their assessments from the achievements on an annual basis, therefore, with the reduction in aid, the issues must be tackled in an appropriate way,” said Kabiri of the Biruni Institute that is a research organization in Kabul.

During the 2020 Geneva Conference on Afghanistan last week, the international community renewed their financial and political commitment to Afghanistan for another four years.  

Although, an exact amount of the money pledged by the donors is not immediately announced, the government says it expected $4 billion in aid to Afghanistan per year, which will be “invested in money-generating institutions and projects.”

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