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Gov’t Dissolves State Ministry for Human Rights Affairs

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Sima Samar, minister of the State Ministry for Human Rights Affairs, on Sunday said the government has dissolved the ministry without prior notification.

She was dismissed without her concern, as no consultations were held with her in relation to the decisions, media reports.

Samar told the media, she had no idea about why the government suddenly decided to do so.

Samar Recently tweeted, “Thanks to the President of Afghanistan for freeing me as he should have done it a year and a half ago”, adding that “at least he did not file a case and haven’t introduced her to prosecutor’s office. Thank you for this”.

Before this, she was appointed as the head of Afghanistan’s Independent Human Rights Commission and a Member of the High Advisory Board of the UN Secretary-General.

This comes as the High Council for National Reconciliation said on Sunday that the Afghan peace negotiating team consulted with political leaders and politicians that the second round of negotiations must resume at the scheduled date and time which is on January 5th, 2021.

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