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Japan Approves Millions of Dollars in Aid to Afghanistan

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Japan has pledged to support Afghanistan to provide over $122 million to support humanitarian and development programs for the year 2021. On Monday, the Japanese embassy issued a statement in Kabul saying this support is a vigorous step “in realizing Japan’s pledge delivered at the Geneva Conference in November 2020, where Foreign Minister Mr. Motegi Toshimitsu affirmed Japan’s long-lasting friendship with and support for the people of Afghanistan and pledged financial assistance up to 180 million USD per year between 2021 and 2024, a figure comparable to the past four years”.

Japanese embassy stated this aid forms a part of Japan’s assistance to Afghanistan and will be disbursed in 2021.

“It will enable implementation of 17 humanitarian and development assistance projects orchestrated by various organizations throughout the country, aiming for the betterment of livelihoods through multiple approaches,” the statement read.

OKADA Takashi said, “enhanced security sector plays an essential role in the Afghan-led nation-building as we gaze at peace on the horizon. Our continuous contribution to the Law and Order Trust Fund for Afghanistan (LOTFA) exemplifies Japan’s commitment to a peaceful Afghanistan, as LOTFA is a significant multi-donor program that plays a vital role in strengthening the country’s security sector,” said Japan’s Ambassador to Afghanistan.

“In light of the global pandemic, we also believe that assistance for a vulnerable segment of the population who are most severely affected is essential. We truly hope that this new support will contribute to bringing about as many joyous smiles of Afghan people as possible,” he added.

Japan assisted Afghanistan in various development aspects including security, agriculture, capacity building, health, education, rural development, infrastructure, culture, and tradition, and provided the country with humanitarian supports. This disbursement of $122.2 million will make a total of $6.9 billion Japanese assistance to Afghanistan so far.

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