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Biden Declares ‘America is Back’, Committed to working with NATO in Afghanistan

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While addressing Munich Security Conference, US President Joe Biden said Friday, that America will work closely with its allies, and his administration committed to working with NATO on the way forward in Afghanistan.

President Joe Biden said, “My administration strongly supports the diplomatic process that is underway and to bring an end to this war (Afghan war) that is closing out 20 years,” and that he is  “determined” to re-engage with Europe as he addresses Munich Security Conference.

Referring to US-Europe strategic alliance he added,   “I know the past few years have strained and tested our transatlantic relationship,”.

Biden said that the US is committed to making sure that threats are not posed against the US and its allies from Afghanistan.

Biden explained that the US is committed to ensuring that the US and its allies are not threatened by the terrorist groups in Afghanistan, “We remain committed to ensuring that Afghanistan never again provides the base for terrorist attacks against the United States and our partners and our interests,” he said.

President Biden stressed that United States will not allow Daesh ISI-K to regroup and relaunch operations in Afghanistan.

While the US is reviewing troop’s posture around the world, Biden ordered a halt to troops pullout in Germany, he added the “transatlantic alliance is back”.

At the same event, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that Germany is ready to stay longer in Afghanistan if it is in the interest of its allies.

Meanwhile, German Chancellor Angela Markel also promised to stay longer in Afghanistan, if it is in the interest of its allies.

This comes as US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin on Friday said an end to military involvement in Afghanistan depends on Taliban reduction of attacks and violence.

Austin told reporters at his first press conference that “The violence” in Afghanistan “must decrease now,”, and that there would never be a hasty and disorderly withdrawal from the country, he was quoted by Hill saying “We want to do this methodically and deliberately,”.

According to US-Taliban needs to severe ties with other terrorist groups, and also engage in peace talks, and reduce violence, Austin hinted he is “mindful” of the looming May deadline and it won’t be reached as long as the Taliban are not meeting commitments.

“The violence is too high right now and more progress needs to be made in the Afghan-led negotiations. I urge all parties to choose the path towards peace,” he added.

Austin stressed that the United States will consult with allies and partners in the country and “there will be no surprises” as to Washington’s decision. 

According to Austin, the US will consult with allies and partners, he assured there won’t be surprises.

He said he expressed the same with NATO during the two-day defense ministers virtual conference, Austin said: “I told our allies that no matter what the outcome of our review, the United States will not undertake a hasty or disorderly withdrawal from Afghanistan that puts their forces or the Alliances’ reputation at risk,”.

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