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Deadly Avalanche Leaves 170 Workers Missing in Northern India

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At least 14 people are dead and more than 160 people are missing in deadly flash flooding in India which is triggered by a Himalayan avalanche.

People went missing after a glacier burst in the northern part of India in Uttarakhand on Sunday and ruined two hydroelectric project projects, causing deadly flash floods along the river.

The avalanche was extremely fast-moving, it swept away parts of a dam, buildings, and everything on its path, people living down the river were urged to clear the area as the water level rose.

In Chamoli district, 15 people trapped in a tunnel were rescued, but an avalanche and subsequently a flash flood has hit two project sites.

Both India’s National Disaster Response Force and the Indian Army have been working together to save trapped people.

From both of the project sites, the Rishiganga Power project and a much larger hydro project owned by the NTPC reports indicated that a total of 170 laborers are still missing.  

Human disaster escalated as workers got stuck in tunnels, rescuers are battling to reach and save the trapped but the roads ahead caused a delay as it is was covered in debris.

According to the reports 600 military personnel are currently working alongside NDRF personnel to rescue trapped workers.

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