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Hardoi: Indian Man Arrested for Carrying his Daughter’s Decapitated Head

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Police in Uttar Pradesh of India arrested a man who horrendously beheaded his 17-year-old daughter on Wednesday, March 3rd, 2021.

Sarvesh Kumar was arrested while walking towards a police station and carrying the severed head of his daughter.

Local police started capturing while the angered man held his daughter’s head and was claiming she had an affair with a man he did not like.

In the video the man claims that he recently found his daughter had a relationship which made him very angry, he locked her in a room and beheaded her with a sharp object.

The horrific scene showed the man walking with a severed head, police described the scene as horrible and were alarmed at the sight of the man.

He told the police that he had left the body and murder weapon in the room where he killed his daughter and was on his way to the police station, BBC reported.

According to Police, an investigation is being carried out in connection to the murder, and a police constable was suspended for carrying the severed head inappropriately.

The incident happened in the Hardoi district of Uttar Pradesh in India, last year the state topped the list of the highest number of crimes against women, National Crime Records Bureau told the media.

According to BBC, the exact figure of honor killings has no authentic figures but campaigners say hundreds of “honor killings” happen each year in India.

Honor killings are an act of violence and crime in the Indian law but notions of tradition and family honor are deeply entrenched in many parts of India, as many are outraged and angered as their families marry or keep relations outside their case and religion and often such acts are endorsed and encouraged by village-based councils.

Supreme Court in India in  2011 said honor killing convicts should face the death penalty.

In India hundreds of people are murdered annually for falling in love or marrying against the will of their families, BBC said.

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