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The Bee Venom Eliminates the Aggressive Type of Breast Cancer in 60 Minutes

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Australian scientists discovered in two medical research institute, that the melittin, which is the main ingredient in bee venom and causes severe pain at the moment in which bee’s sink, eradicated the dangerous cells of two types of cancer (negative triple cancer and HER2-positive cancer) without hurting healthy cells.

The scientist says the Melittin has been work efficient on breast cancer cells.

This is the first time that the researchers have discovered and recorded the direct influences of this substance over the two types of the most common types of breast cancer.

Doc. Siaradafi that leads this research, says: (The poison is heavily capable of doing so. We received that the Melittin can eliminate cancer cells in 60 minutes. ‘according to researchers, the Melittin can only disrupt 20 minutes after contact with cancer cells, the chemical communication process and prevent its cell growth and division.

The new researches show that if the bee venom depleted of Melittin, it also loses the ability to kill the cancer cells.

Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers in women, and for years’ doctors have tried to treat both known and invasive types with the weakest results. The use of bee venom for the treatment of diseases has several thousand years of roots, however, the scientists focus have focused to discover how it works is a relatively new phenomenon.

The result of various previous tests has shown that bee venom is effective in killing cancer cells in the skin, lungs, ovaries, and pancreas.   

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